Recognize the Signs Your Body Is Too Acidic

Not only the taste that can be tasted by the tongue, it turns out that the body can exist in acidic conditions. But of course the acid in question is different from the usual taste detected by the tongue. Normally the body has a pH between 7.35-7.45. Then what is meant by an acidic body condition?

An acidic body condition is when the pH is less than 7. Of course, because it is below normal, the metabolism in the body does not work properly. If the body is too acidic, there will be a buildup of lactic acid, both mild and severe. The causes can vary, and the characteristics if the body is too acidic are as follows:

1. Pain in the muscles or muscle cramps.
2. Stomach pain.
3. Muscle and body weakness.
4. Body that feels tired, sleepy and lethargic.
5. Appetite is less than usual.
6. Diarrhea.
7. Headache.
8. Nausea and vomiting.
9. Sweating.

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The signs above are certainly very common in us, right? Because indeed the characteristics if the body is too acidic do look like a disease in general. Not to worry about but should be vigilant.

Take care of your health, rest, and diet according to your body condition. If you experience signs like the above, it is better to improve your lifestyle and if it is too severe, you can contact a doctor.

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