5 Types of Water That Can Be Produced By Kangen Water Leveluk Machine For Various Needs

In the absence of water, of course life is rather unbalanced and difficult to walk. Maybe people can bear not to eat, but it's hard not to drink water isn't it? The use of water is also very closely related to daily needs.

Many types of water that can be produced by the water kangen machine Leveluk variant, of course for various needs. Here are the following 5 types of water functions:

1. Kangen water pH 8 – 9.5

Water with a pH of 8-9.5 is suitable for daily needs. For example, to replace mineral water consumed daily and have health benefits, to brew a variety of hot drinks, and can also for cooking.

2. Kangen water pH 7

Water with this pH can also be called clean water because it has a neutral pH. So that the right designation if consuming this water is used as water along with the drug. Or if it is necessary to dissolve powdered milk, this water is very suitable for use. Especially if you have a toddler or elderly person at home who is required to consume milk regularly.

3. Kangen water pH 4.6-6.5

Beauty enthusiasts certainly understand how much pH of the skin. For the layman, the pH of human skin is about 5.5. So that the water produced by Leveluk can be used for beauty and skin health. To take care of the face, it can be used to wash your face, face mist, or toner. But not only that, water with pH can be used for bathing that is beneficial to maintain the health of the skin.

4. Kangen water below pH 2.7

Water with a pH below 2.7 is often referred to as strong acid which is beneficial for sanitation and antiseptic. Its uses can be to clean wounds, treat canker sores, to wash hands to emergency disinfectants. Because it can be used to treat canker sores, you can use it instead of mouthwash.

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5. Kangen water pH 11.5

Because the pH content in this water is very high, this water is not for immediate consumption. Water with a high pH can be used for hygiene purposes as well. For example, to wash cooking utensils, wash clothes to make them cleaner, and wash various kitchen necessities. Use water with this pH to wash meat, chicken, rice, eggs, fruit, and vegetables. If there are pesticides attached to these objects, water with this pH will help to shed them.

It turns out that the water produced by Leveluk machine has many variations of pH so it is suitable for various daily needs. Not just for drinking, loh.