The Positive Effects of Alkaline Water for Athlete Hydration

The more they train, the more athletes have specific needs for what they consume. Starting from food that is full of nutrients, of course to the need for drinking water. The activities of athletes are also different from ordinary people, right? For this reason, consuming selected water is important for them.

Consuming alkaline water is proven to increase hydration in the body, especially if consumed by athletes. Consumption with the right portion will make their dehydration will be restored more quickly.

A journal published in NCBI proves that alkaline water has a positive impact if consumed by athletes. The study was conducted on 36 male soccer athletes and proved to have a positive impact.

The object of research involves soccer athletes with an age range of 19 to 23 years. As a result, after the athletes underwent training and consumed 4 liters of alkaline water, the hydration levels in their bodies increased.

The study also proved that consuming alkaline water helps maintain acid and alkaline balance in the body in addition to its hydration benefits. The NCBI journal also mentioned that athletes with the same activity and consuming plain water did not have a significant impact on hydration.

It should be noted that the object of research is athletes who have extra training activities and excellent conditions and consume a certain amount of alkaline water. From this research it can be concluded that alkaline water is able to increase hydration in the body.

If you are interested in consuming it, make sure it is in accordance with the water needs of the body.

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