Alkaline Water For Anti Aging

Are you looking for ways to combat the natural aging process? Look no further than alkaline water. While there is no fountain of youth, drinking alkaline water has become a popular trend in the health and wellness world due to its potential anti-aging. Recent studies have shown that alkaline water could offer anti-aging benefits. Specifically, […]

Alkaline Water Is Good For Hydration

Staying hydrated when practicing sports is essential to maintain a good performance and avoid the risk of dehydration. One of the latest trends in hydration is alkaline water, which is being marketed as a specially treated beverage that can improve athletic performance. Based on the¬†Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, alkaline water has […]

Tips for Maintaining the Kangen Water Filter

Having your own Kangen Water machine will certainly make it easier for the owner to consume this water with many benefits. Whether consumed or used for beauty, it will certainly be easier. Kangen Water machine must be cleaned regularly to make it function optimally. This needs to be done so that the water produced will […]

Lose Weight With Alkaline Water

Almost most of the human body consists of water, which is why consuming the right amount of water will help keep the body healthy. Of the many types of water, alkaline water can be an option to consume regularly because it has positive benefits for the body. If regularly consuming alkaline water is accompanied by […]

The Positive Effects of Alkaline Water for Athlete Hydration

The more they train, the more athletes have specific needs for what they consume. Starting from food that is full of nutrients, of course to the need for drinking water. The activities of athletes are also different from ordinary people, right? For this reason, consuming selected water is important for them. Consuming alkaline water is […]

Boosting Restaurant Prestige with Kangen Water

A healthy lifestyle is now easier to realize, as evidenced by the number of restaurants that provide delicious and healthy menus. In addition to providing a healthy menu, the choice of dishes in it also shapes the public’s view of the restaurant. The presence of alkaline water or with the trademark Kangen Water can be […]

Expert Recommendations on the Positive Effects of Alkaline Water Consumption

Have you been drinking alkaline water? For those who don’t know, alkaline water has a different pH from regular water. Alkaline water has a pH of 8 to 9, while ordinary water has a lower pH of 7. So what are the benefits of alkaline water which has a higher pH than ordinary water? Thanks […]

Do Regular Exercise Accompanied by Alkaline Water Consumption as a Preventive Measure Against Disease, Not Treating it

During a pandemic like today, health is very important. If you’ve neglected your health before, now is the right time to pay attention to it. What have you done to maintain your health? There is a saying, it is better to prevent than to cure. Prevention is indeed better than doing treatment after contracting an […]

The Process Of Making Ionized Water Machines Has Been Done More Than 200 Years Ago

If you are among those who think that ionized water is a new thing, you are wrong. The technology is constantly being updated, but ionized water and its manufacture have been around for a long time. This water was discovered about 200 years ago, you know. What’s the story? In ancient times, this method of […]

Healthy Trend of Drinking Kangen Water Ionizer Water

Nowadays, almost everyone is competing to change their lifestyle to be healthier. There are many ways to do this, from exercising to food combining. Are you doing it too? However, the easiest way that is often forgotten is to consume enough water. Because most of the human body consists of fluids. Can’t you imagine if […]