Tips for Maintaining the Kangen Water Filter

Having your own Kangen Water machine will certainly make it easier for the owner to consume this water with many benefits. Whether consumed or used for beauty, it will certainly be easier.

Kangen Water machine must be cleaned regularly to make it function optimally. This needs to be done so that the water produced will still provide its best benefits. Have you taken care of the Kangen Water filter at home?

Routine maintenance must be in accordance with the instructions for use. Ask the place where you bought it for the right maintenance tips to avoid mistakes in caring for the Kangen Water machine filter. If you don’t know, take the simple steps below:

First, disconnect the electricity from the Kangen Water machine, open the filter cover, and remove the filter. To avoid mistakes, get to know the parts of your machine. After removing the filter, insert a safe and recommended cleaner, then flow water but not in the ionization method.

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It turns out that the process of making a water ionization machine has been done more than 200 years ago.

To maximize, let it sit overnight without connecting it to the electricity. Then flow back and discard, then check the color of the water according to the instructions or test with a pH meter. This is done to ensure that the pH of the water produced by the machine is in accordance with the settings.

Do it carefully on a regular basis so that your Kangen Water filter at home stays clean and produces quality water with maximum function.