Expert Recommendations Positive Effects of Alkaline Water Consumption

Have you been drinking alkaline water? For the unpfussy, alkaline water has a pH that is different from ordinary water. Alkaline water has a pH of 8 to 9, while ordinary water has a lower pH of 7. So what are the benefits of alkaline water that has a higher pH than ordinary water?

Thanks to the sophistication of technology, alkaline water is now mass produced using machines. So now alkaline water is easier to get. With this convenience, everyone can consume useful alkaline water at any time.

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Although there has been no research to prove the benefits of alkaline water, experts say that the water is beneficial for the body to balance acid levels in the body. For example, if there are symptoms of stomach acid, alkaline water can be used to relieve it. It is not aimed at treatment, for a while alkaline water can be used to relieve in the short term.

But keep in mind, alkaline water is not to be used as a remedy or cure from the symptoms of stomach acid that arise. In the event of further symptoms, it is highly recommended to check with an expert.

Water with a pH of 8.8 also has the benefit of disabling enzymes that are the cause of acid reflux in the body. There is still much need for further research and studies related to the benefits of this alkaline water.

At the very least, alkaline water, although slight, has health benefits. Hopefully there will be more research done by experts related to the benefits of alkaline water to health.