Transforming Ordinary Water Into ZamZam Water

Instead of bothering to go to your home country to taste zamzam water, you can turn ordinary water into zamzam water.

Certainly not to turn ordinary water into zamzam water that has only one source in the world. But equating the type of water and the content in ordinary water to be similar to the useful water with the help of Kangen Water Ionizer Machine. Obviously the water will be healthier than ordinary water.

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Turning ordinary water into zamzam water here of course makes ordinary water into alkaline or alkaline water. This alkaline water has more benefits including lowering cholesterol and warding off free radicals. Healthier isn't it?

It is not impossible to make ordinary drinking water become healthier and have benefits such as zamzam water.

The easiest to distinguish ordinary water from alkaline water is the pH content in it. Ordinary water has a pH of 6 to 7, while alkaline water has a pH between 8 to 10. To check it, you can use a pH strip measuring device that can be purchased at a medical device store.

The higher the pH of water does not mean the better water, for drinking water times the recommended pH is 9 and 10.

Isn't it homework to turn ordinary water into water that has the same pH as zamzam water?

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