Here’s How to Make Your Own Ph Content of Ordinary Water Similar To Zamzam Water At Home

Every day consume drinking water, does not mean knowing how much pH of water drunk. There are many types of water and their properties, for which we usually consume generally have a pH of 6 to 7. Well, now you know how much pH of water you usually consume?

Then what is the difference with Zamzam water, whose name is already very famous and often becomes a hand on the Pilgrims in the holy land of Mecca? Zamzam water is believed to have more benefits than ordinary water, due to the fact that it has a pH different from ordinary water, which is 8 to 10. Zamzam water with pH can be called Alkaline water.

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Alkaline water itself has many benefits because it is alkaline and has other contents such as Mineral Chloride, Sulfate, Bicarbonate and so on which is higher than ordinary mineral water. Of course the content is beneficial for health.

Then, can Zamzam water be made at home? Of course not, because there is only one zamzam well in the world. However, to equate the pH of ordinary water with zamzam water is certainly not impossible.

By using Kangen Water Ionization Machine, it can change the pH of ordinary water to be like Zamzam water that is alkaline. Of course if you have this ionization machine at home, it'll be easier to make it. Every day and every sip of water consumed has the same pH as Zamzam water.

It works by breaking down water that is alkaline and has molecules smaller than ordinary water and contains antioxidants. The rest is acidic water. So that the alkaline water produced kangen water ionization machine with a pH between 8 to 10 healthier consumed.

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