I’ve probably heard a lot about Kangen Water. According to research of people who have drank the water, the condition of his body becomes different. The healthier and the better the skin.

In addition, it also tastes better than ordinary water. This water has many benefits. Then, Kangen Water also innovated by presenting Beauty Water and Strong Acid Water.


Beauty Water has a PH 6 that serves to treat skin beauty. Apparently, the benefits for beauty are many!

  1. Keeping the skin pH balanced
  2. Moisturize the skin
  3. Lightening the skin
  4. Tightening the skin
  5. Rejuvenate the skin
  6. Overcoming hair loss
  7. Removing dark spots
  8. Tightening and smoothing the skin
  9. Maintaining skin moisture
  10. As a toner after shaving
  11. Overcoming dandruff, hair loss, gray hair, and tangles
  12. Makes the hair more radiant
  13. Maintaining the normal pH of the skin
  14. Prevent acid mantle damage to the skin
  15. As a skin protector
  16. Brightening the face

Unlike Beauty Water which has a PH 6. Strong Acid Water has a smaller PH, which is 2.5. Wear it must be careful, it should not reach the eyes. With this PH, it is more suitable to be used as an antiseptic. The aroma is more smelly sour, but it does not sting.

Its uses:

  1. As an antiseptic/germ and bacteria killer
  2. Removing pimples and blackheads
  3. Healing wounds, thrush and toothache
  4. Overcoming acne, inflammation, and skin allergies
  5. Overcoming water fleas and vaginal discharge
  6. Treating toothache
  7. Sterilize your hands before eating
  8. Sterilize cookware from bacteria, germs, and fungi
  9. Overcoming gangrene wounds

To get maximum results, you have to be routine, anyway. It can’t just be a few days that it stops (for those whose skin problems are severe). And of course it is very safe to dipake the same who, especially those whose skin is sensitive, because the basic material is water. No need to worry anymore if the face is a lot of acne, let alone acne blemishes that are very difficult,

In addition, Kangen Water in the body serves to maintain freshness, help digestion and remove toxins. However, did you know, it turns out that many benefits are reguk from Kangen Water, in addition to the deliciousness of freshness. Many people do not know the efficacy of Kangen Water other than to eliminate thirst only. Kangen Water can cure various diseases in an easy and cheap way. Here are 10 benefits of Kangen Water that we may be able to make reference when consuming drinks outside of water.

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  • Wash the face first with water then *Spray Strong Acid* and let stand until dry to remove bacteria on the face
  • Then spray Beauty Water after the use of Strong Acid to moisturize and tighten the skin
  • Spray every day *morning (before activities) noon (when doing activities) and night (before going to bed)*
  • After using make-up spray back beauty water so that make-up is more durable and durable.