Drink Hydrogen Water to Prevent Viral Infections and Boost Immunity

In the midst of the virus pandemic situation that is sweeping the world, it is highly recommended for everyone to maintain their health. By maintaining health, it is hoped that the body’s immunity will be stronger to defend against virus attacks.

Many things can be done to strengthen the body’s immunity, such as eating balanced nutritious foods, getting enough rest, exercising, and drinking enough water. Choosing everything must of course be adjusted to the condition of the body and its benefits. If food and exercise have many variations, then what about water?

For those who don’t know, water also has many types, for example hydrogen water. Water that has hydrogen content in it is considered to be able to provide more benefits for the health of the body.

Hydrogen water is thought to make people who consume it regularly healthier. Because it contains anti-inflammatory and functions as an antioxidant as well. So consuming this water is claimed to make people more energized and strengthen endurance.

Because it is considered more energizing, consuming hydrogenated water is also believed to be able to help recovery after exercise and activity.

There is not much research on hydrogenated water, but in a 2014 Research in Sport Medicine research journal mentioned that consuming it regularly makes people more energized and less aging.

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