Do Regular Exercise With Alkaline Water Consumption As a Preventive Measure Against Diseases, Not Treating

In a pandemic like today, health is essential. If you've been neglecting your health before, now's a good time to pay attention to it. What have you done to maintain your health?

There's a saying, it's better to prevent than to treat. Prevention is better than doing treatment after contracting a disease. Exercising is an easy and effective way to maintain health.

During a pandemic, you can exercise in many ways. You can exercise at home by watching videos about workouts or just jogging around the residence. So, there's no reason to skip the sport, is there?

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You can do exercise regularly. To begin with, you can exercise once a week and then increase the frequency to more often. Starting a sport does not need to force yourself, exercising should make the body more active and feel happy.

In addition to exercising regularly, do not forget to meet your body fluid needs. Consuming alkaline water can be an option. Water that has a pH of about 8-9 has more benefits compared to ordinary water. Let's say to neutralize acid levels in the body.

Keep in mind because alkaline water pH is different from mineral water in general, if you have some health problems or certain diseases it is advisable to consult a doctor first. Although there has been no accurate research on the benefits of alkaline water, it does not harm to consume it as an effort to maintain health.