Tips for Treating Kangen Water Filter

Having your own Kangen Water machine will certainly make it easier for the owner to consume water with many of these benefits. Want to be consumed or functioned for beauty, of course it will be easier. In order for kangen water machine to be maximized, of course, you have to clean it regularly. This needs […]

Lose Weight With Alkaline Water

Most of the human body consists of water, therefore consuming the right portion of water will help to nourish the body. Of the many types of water, alkaline water can be an option to be consumed regularly because it has positive benefits for the body. If you regularly consume alkaline water accompanied by a balanced […]

Positive Effects of Alkaline Water For Athletes' Hydration

The more often trained, of course the athletes have a specific need for what they consume. Starting from foods that are full of nutrients, of course to the need for drinking water. The activities of the athletes are also unlike most people, isn’t it? Therefore, consuming selected water is important for Their. By consuming alkaline […]

Do Regular Exercise With Alkaline Water Consumption As a Preventive Measure Against Diseases, Not Treating

In a pandemic like today, health is essential. If you've been neglecting your health before, now's a good time to pay attention to it. What have you done to maintain your health? There's a saying, it's better to prevent than to treat. Prevention is better than doing treatment after contracting a disease. Exercising is an […]

It turns out that the process of making water ionization machine has been done more than 200 years ago

If you're one of those people who thinks water ionization is new, you're wrong. The technology is constantly updated, but water ionization and its manufacture has been around since time immemorial. This water was discovered about 200 years ago. What's the story? In ancient times, this method of making ionized water has been found in […]