Benefits of Consuming High pH Drinking Water For Health

Did you know if the body is too acidic or alkaline can cause some metabolic or health disorders? To balance acid levels in the body can be prepared by consuming drinking water with a high pH.

Drinking water with a high pH is often referred to as alkaline water, which has a pH above 8. What is the function of alkaline water in the body?

High pH drinking water has benefits among others to restore the body's pH to be neutral. This makes the body more hydrated, so that the need for water in the body is well satisfied. As is known, most of the human body consists of water. So that consuming drinking water continues to be needed by the body. Moreover, the water pH is high to balance the acid levels in the body.

A finding released in the Shanghai Journal of Preventive Medicine also states consuming drinking water with high pH can balance pressure and sugar levels in the blood. So that high pH water is well consumed by people with hypertension, diabetes, even cholesterol.

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High pH water also has a mineral content that is good for bone health. Bones will become denser if they regularly consume alkaline drinking water. High pH water is also beneficial for osteoporosis sufferers. But for the benefit in detail, further research is still carried out by experts.

As it turns out, many of the benefits of drinking water with this high pH.