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Emergency Disinfectant, Alkaline Water Capable of Killing Bacteria and Pathogens

As a result of the spread of coronavirus that hit all over the world, reminding anyone to always maintain cleanliness. For those who are accustomed to the discipline of maintaining cleanliness, of course things like now are not difficult. However, precisely many sanitary products out there are not available. Whether it's running out or there's […]

Don’t Want to Be Disappointed, Know the Quality of Kangen Water Machine with Similar Products in the Market

Don't buy a cat in a sack. The proverb means to know in advance the goods to be purchased, especially the quality. Do not let the goods that you will use have unsatisfactory quality. So is the quality of the engine from Kangen Water. There are many similar machines on the market with various prices, […]

Water from Ionizer Machine Has Potential to Kill Bacteria and Viruses

The coronavirus has spread throughout the world. Therefore disinfectant products, hand washing soap, hand sanitizer, and other health and hygiene support devices have limited stock. Even if it is still left, it will be sold to be very expensive. It really is not the right time to take advantage of the moment of corona virus […]